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Welcome to the Tutor Doctor Discovery Centre!


Welcome! Our Discovery Centre will provide you with the essentials about business ownership in the Education Industry and more information about how Tutor Doctor helps you be successful in that journey.

  • The tutoring industry and the growing market
  • Support you get when franchising vs. doing it on your own
  • Feedback from our franchisees directly
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  Video: Makeup of the Industry & How Tutor Doctor fits in

The Vision and Values that Drive Success

At Tutor Doctor, we’re committed to changing the trajectory of students’ lives through personalized tutoring services that fit their individual skills and needs. And we want this type of impactful learning to hit home!

The way we carry out our business every day is not only our billboard and a differentiating factor on the market - it’s what makes our franchise owners love what they do.

Understanding. Curiosity. Ingenuity. Ownership. Grit. Those are the pillars that Tutor Doctor is built on, and every franchise owner, tutor, and support staff conducts their business activities with these values at the core.

"I believe having integrity is important to be successful in running any business. Be true to yourself, your staff and your clients. Other main skills you’ll need are customer service skills, understanding personalities and what your student is looking for in a tutor, time management, and being organized and motivated. Sales, marketing and finance skills go without saying for any business."

Amy Adamson AU
Amy Adamson
Franchise Owner in Australia

Answered: Top Facts about the Tutoring Market

The demand for online tutoring is high. 

In fact, during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020, the demand for online tutors increased by 120% and has continued to grow since!

With the Tutor Doctor online tutoring platform, you’ll be connecting students with local tutors that are carefully selected for optimal skillset and compatibility.

As a major player in the tutoring market, Tutor Doctor provides its franchisees with a best-in-class reputation and the innovative tools to grow their businesses - even in a changing economy.


Because education is essential. 

And with the rise of online learning, more and more families seek out vetted tutors for their children in the convenience of their homes. Tutoring helps students continue to learn even through disrupted routines and school closures, so parents around the globe are investing in the continued education of their children.

Online tutoring platforms provide parents with a safe and reliable process for getting a quality tutor and handling payments quickly and efficiently.

Below, we expand on the industry with some quick stats and figures - just click on the (+) sign to expand! - or skip straight to the next steps of becoming a Tutor Doctor franchise owner.

According to the market research company Technavio, the K-12 global online tutoring market size has the potential to grow by USD $80.18 billion during 2020-2024.

This expected growth equates to 14.05% during a 6 year period.

According to the school curriculum worldwide, Mathematics is the most popular subject for tutors, followed by English and Sciences.

According to a Bramble study in 2020 that surveyed over 2,000 participants, around 73% of parents and 84% of students found online tutoring just as effective - or even more effective - than in-person tutoring. 

The reason behind this stems from flexible scheduling, searchable lesson recordings, and a more relaxed environment for students.

There is an increasing need to expand student support beyond their academic coursework, including things like time management, flexibility, self-monitoring, planning, and prioritization.  

A holistic approach to learning that incorporates soft skills sets students up for future success as high performers and innovators in the workforce.


The future of tutoring will include aspects such as: 

  • Group learning 
  • Online homework assistance 
  • Summer programs
  • Homeschooling
  • Special needs tutoring

Owning a business in the online tutoring industry does require the recruitment of tutors on a regular basis. Here is a quick overview:

  • Tutors almost always receive hourly wages. 
  • The salary of a tutor can range widely depending on the subject and whether they tutor privately or through an agency.
  • While earning a tutoring certification is not necessary, there are many educational institutions that offer certificates for tutors who wish to specialize in a topic or increase their earning potential.

At Tutor Doctor, we also conduct background checks, reference checks, thorough testing and interviews, and a comprehensive orientation.


Video: Why It Works.  Hear it from the Franchisees.

You are not the Tutor. You manage the Business.

Owning a business in the tutoring industry does require recruitment of tutors on a regular basis.  Expand each topic to read more about the occupation of tutoring and what is involved.

What is required to be a tutor? And how prevalent are they for hire?

"Tutors are usually part-time employees, working most of their working hours in the evenings and on weekends when students are out of school. Because of this, tutors almost always receive hourly wages. The salary of a tutor can range widely depending on the subject and whether they tutor privately or through an agency.

A tutor typically needs at least a high school diploma and extensive knowledge in the subjects they intend to teach. If a tutor plans to focus on teaching elementary or middle school students, then they need at minimum a high school diploma. To teach high school and university students, tutors should have at least an undergraduate degree with a major in the subject they intend to teach. In some cases, candidates pursuing a master’s degree will tutor undergraduate students at the same university.

While earning a tutoring certification is not necessary, there are many educational institutions that offer certificates for tutors who wish to specialize in a topic or increase their earning potential, including:

  • The National Tutoring Association
  • International Tutor Training Program Certification
  • Association for the Coaching and Tutoring Profession" (Source: Indeed.com)

At Tutor Doctor, we also conduct background checks, reference checks, thorough testing and interviews and a comprehensive orientation.

Every day the tutors we work with are making a profound difference in the lives of our families, in our communities and our organization, helping to positively change the trajectory of students’ lives. We are extremely proud of the work they do, and every year celebrate them and their commitment to excellence with our Tutor of the Year Award.  The 2019 Finalists are pictured to the right.

"When the tutor/student match is right, this leads to successful tutoring outcomes and happy families. It feels great when a family sends a message to let you know how much the tutor has helped their child, how the student’s confidence has improved, or how well they have done on a test."  -Amy Adamson, Australia Franchise Owner

Video:  The Power of being a Local Business Owner.

Our franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds and locales. They have passion for their community and for helping children grow to fulfill their dreams. 


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